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John Deere model RWA 14 foot disk. New front cutaway blades and some new bearings.

Rear blades are smooth and in good shape. Frame has no  welds and is in very good shape.




Year: Mid 70's
Model: 348
Engine: N/A
Hours: N/A
Condition: Good
Horse Power: required 70-80 hp
PTO Horse Power: N/A
Drive: Pull type
Additional Information: New shares and shins. The colters are spring loaded and the plow has a trip bottom

Price: $1,050.00

Oliver model 510 chisel plow 10.5 feet wide. There are ten shanks on the digger and comes with a cylinder Price$ 1,150.00

Noble 4 row cultivater with 30 inch spacing.  CAT 2 three point hitch over all good condition $1,150.00.

Dearborn 7 ft digger, three point hitch good condition. Price $695.00

TVS26 Tree Scoop factory made very good condition.

Sale price $1,025.00

John Deere 2 row corn planter, three point hitch $650.00

Tree Scoop, skid steer loader plate hook up priced @ $550

Year: N/A
Make: John Deere
Model: RW
Engine: N/A
Hours: N/A
Condition: Good
Horse Power: N/A
PTO Horse Power: N/A
Drive: Pull Type
Additional Information: John Deere 15.5 Foot Disc

Price: $2,150.00

International drag and cart, 22' wide with hydraulic lift $ 1,950.00

John Deere 11' disk smooth blades has all the scrapers, cylinder not included, new tires  $1750.00

5.5 foot Bull disk pull type. 21'' cut-a-way blades. Excellent for for plots $750.00

Pull type disk, smooth blades and has all scrapers,7.5 feet wide. $800.00

John Deere 9' digger with lift cylinder over all good shape priced to sell @ 975.00


Oliver 2-14 mounted plow $650.00

Four foot spring tooth darg with leveling bar. Easy to pull with a four wheeler or side by side $125.00.

Dearborn 2-12 bottom plow with colters in very good condition. $550.00

Ford digger  6 foot with new shovels: $695.00

Oliver model 241 10 foot disk Cut-a-way blades all around 17 in.  Has all scrapers, sale price @ $1,750.00

John Deere 2 row planter three point hitch with extra plates: $650.00

Oliver Model 134, 1 bottom trip plow in good condition. $ 250.00

Oliver 4 bottom plow in very good shape $650.00