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Year: Mid 70's
Model: 348
Engine: N/A
Hours: N/A
Condition: Good
Horse Power: required 70-80 hp
PTO Horse Power: N/A
Drive: Pull type
Additional Information: New shares and shins. The colters are spring loaded and the plow has a trip bottom

Price: $1,050.00

Oliver model 510 chisel plow 10.5 feet wide. There are ten shanks on the digger and comes with a cylinder Price$ 1,150.00

Noble 4 row cultivater with 30 inch spacing.  CAT 2 three point hitch over all good condition $1,150.00.

Dearborn 7 ft digger, three point hitch good condition. Price $695.00

John Deere 2 row corn planter, three point hitch $650.00

Year: N/A
Make: John Deere
Model: RW
Engine: N/A
Hours: N/A
Condition: Good
Horse Power: N/A
PTO Horse Power: N/A
Drive: Pull Type
Additional Information: John Deere 15.5 Foot Disc

Price: $2,150.00

International drag and cart, 22' wide with hydraulic lift $ 1,950.00

5.5 foot Bull disk pull type. 21'' cut-a-way blades. Excellent for for plots $750.00

Pull type disk, smooth blades and has all scrapers,7.5 feet wide. $800.00

Oliver 2-14 mounted plow $650.00

Four foot spring tooth darg with leveling bar. Easy to pull with a four wheeler or side by side $125.00.

Dearborn 2-12 bottom plow with colters in very good condition. $550.00

Ford digger  6 foot with new shovels: $695.00

John Deere 10" pull type disk. Has all scrapers and good blades.  $950.00

10 foot Burch disk good blades and has all scrapers. $1,850.00

Kodiak 5' three point hitich disk with notched blades front and rear.  4301.70

Case 8' disk with hydrualic lift.  Has all blade scrapers. $ 1,450.00

Almost new County Line 5' tiller, used twice. $1,850.00

Kodiak 6 foot three point disk notched blades front and rear.  $4,739.80

Six foot three point hitch, cut a ways in front smooth in the rear. has all scrapers.  $1,350.00